Vetusta Monumenta: Ancient Monuments, a Digital Edition

Plate 2.53: Monument of Henry and Elizabeth Bourchier (Original Explanatory Account)


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EXHIBITS the monument of HENRY BOURGCHIER, the first Earl of ESSEX of that ancient family, which had been settled at Halsted in the county of Essex from the reign of Edward III. and of ISABEL PLANTAGENET his wife, in the church of Little Easton, in the said county.

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[com-]missioners to treat with Lewis king of France touching the prorogation of the truce between the two crowns. 21 Edward VI. he obtained leave to found a gild in Ultyng church, Essex, in a chapel of Our Lady in the said church-yard. This is the last we hear of this noble earl. He departed this life April 4, 23 Edward IV. 1483, and was buried with his lady in the church of Little Estanes, of which he owned the manor; and not, as Sir William Dugdale3, and Mr. Morant4 after him, by mistake says, in the chapel of the Blessed Virgin in the abbey of Bilegh by Malden in Essex. His lady survived him two years, and died October 2, 2 Richard III.

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